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PITS Purpose:

It is the expressed purpose of P.I.T.S. to educate and train its clients for healthy lifestyles that increase the quality and longevity of life in and outside of sports.

With P.I.T.S. it’s not only your body that is built, shaped and molded - its also your mind. We will learn together, grow together, and build together.

Although many of our programs and services are designed for the competitive athlete, we understand the importance of promoting healthy living. Therefore we offer our services to each and every individual as we are all athletes at some time in our lives; whether it is due to running to catch the mail man or running from a dog.

How PITS Gives Back...

In an effort to give back to our community, P.I.T.S. also offers special programs for inner city youth ages six to eighteen. These youth may have expressed interest in pursuing competitive and team sports, but lack the resources to train at a highly competitive level.

Through all of its services and programs it is the ULTIMATE mission of P.I.T.S to assist ALL in achieving and maintaining their competitive nature before, during and after a life in sports and into the everyday grind.

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