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Jazamine Gray is a passionate Personal Trainer who is based in Raleigh, Her unwavering passion for health & fitness began during high school and it has stayed with her ever since.


Currently, Jazamine is a proud part of Pro Intellect & Trained Sports and she utilizes all of her extensive expertise to help individuals get and stay in shape.


While her fitness-related interests are vast, Jazamine is particularly interested in power lifting methodologies and is deeply inspired by the countless ways of manipulating one’s muscles and overall health.


Both positive and equally as explosive, Jazamine’s primary mission in life is to “make the world a wealthier place by making it a healthier place.”


Jazamine holds an FMS (Functional Movement Screening) Certification and is in pursuit of her CPT Certification from NSCA. She is also an honors graduate of Norfolk State University.


During her free time, Jazamine enjoys playing basketball, rugby, and women’s flag football.

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